In Marie Kondo’s seminal work The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, we learned the art of seeking out and keeping only those things which “spark joy.” Joshua and Ryan of The Minimalists taught us to love people and use things, because the opposite never works. James Altucher taught us to value experiences over mere possessions.

But does this philosophy that’s become so popular among millennials still hold true when it comes to wedding planning? According to Katie Mills Giorgio writing for The Week:

One important element of wedding planning is creating a wedding registry. But gone are the days of simply registering for some fine china and linens and moving into your happy home. A lot of couples today, especially millennial couples, are getting married at an older age, which means they probably already live together and own many of the items found on traditional wedding registries. And many couples are looking to own less stuff and simply get more out of their life together. But as couples have evolved, so has the online wedding registry industry.

Giorgio describes services like Honeyfund which help couples raise money for their honeymoon, or VEBO which helps couples can register for fabulous once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These sorts of services offer meaningful new ways for engaged couples to plan their lives after the wedding—ways that are better aligned with their values.

But one area of planning which hasn’t yet caught up with the times is where couples will live once the wedding and the honeymoon have come to an end. Renting an apartment or house certainly offers a certain ease and convenience, but for couples who wish to benefit from the stability and economic benefits of home ownership, it isn’t always a straightforward proposition.

According to Apartment List, millennial couples have increasingly become shut out of the buying process due to the challenges of supplying the necessary down payment. Some couples are able to get the help they need directly from their parents or immediate family members. But others are still having to pay down student debt before they are able to secure a home loan or simply don’t have the income level necessary to save up for an adequate down payment. In a survey of 24,000 renters across America, “cannot afford to buy” is the top obstacle for home ownership at 72%, compared to “not ready to settle down” at 45% or “waiting for marriage” at 36%.

At, we believe the problem of saving for a down payment now has a solution: with our simple online tools which can be used by any wedding couple, we can help you plan for a future life with a home of your very own. allows you to create a simple wedding registry to share with family and friends alike. Through the magic of crowdfunding and the generous contributions of people who care about you, you’ll be able to secure money to assist with the down payment you need to purchase your new home. Whether you plan to buy soon after the wedding, or after some time has passed, we can connect you with a mortgage broker in your area—a broker who understand how to navigate the legal nuances of gift-based down payments.

We understand the expectations some wedding guests may have for traditional retailer gift registries. It feels familiar. But with the rise of popular crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and others—and the ease of online transactions—we believe your friends and families will be excited about contributing to the success of your life goals, and eager to ensure your marriage is built upon a strong foundation.

If home ownership is the right choice for you and your fiancé, we’d love the opportunity to show how can help you.

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