Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this site different than all the other crowdfunding options like GoFundMe, etc.? is focused on a providing a gift registry, crowdfunding, for down payments specifically, so we understand the legalities involved and the kind of information brokers will be looking for as they assist with obtaining a mortgage using a crowdfunded down payment. We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make the experience of raising a down payment easier, better, and more rewarding for both bridal parties and wedding guests.

  • Can my wedding guests donate with a credit or debit card?

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    Yes, your registry allows both credit and debit cards to be used as payment options. Secure checking ACH transactions are coming soon.

  • Can my wedding guests make a pledge instead of credit or debit?

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    Guests may pledge an amount online with a personalized message. They may decide to bring a check or cash to the wedding or to send a card directly.

  • Why do I need to connect to Stripe in the app?

    During the sign-up process, you’ll be prompted to connect to Stripe. Stripe is the payment processor we partner with for handling credit and debit card transactions, as well as the subsequent transfers to your bank account. When connecting to Stripe with their forms during the registry sign-up, your personal financial information is protected by Stripe’s world-class security. Stripe handles billions of dollars in transactions every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world and is partnered

  • Can I get my identity stolen by using your website? does NOT store any personal sensitive information about your finances, banking history, social security number, or any other data that’s particularly useful for identity fraud. We only store your basic contact information and user login in our database, and we protect that data using industry best practices for web application security. Our payment processor, Stripe, securely handles the transaction data for you and your guests and donors.

    Read our Privacy Policy for further details about how we use and protect your data. We do not sell your information to marketers to sell you other wedding related products and services or honeymoon travel packages. Our goal is to help you buy a home together, no sell you kitchen appliances or travel packages.

  • What should I say in Our Story on my registry page?

    This is your opportunity to tell wedding guests what’s meaningful and inspiration about your relationship as a couple. You can explain to them why saving up for a down payment to purchase a home together is an important aspect of your future together. Maybe put in a few “fun facts” about you and your experiences together. A little adventure goes a long way!

  • Is this registry made public on the internet?

    We currently don’t have a public directory of open registries, so your registry won’t appear in a list we promote. However, anyone who has the right web address will be able to access your registry. Having a registry that’s publicly available is important so that you can easily share your registry with wedding guests using a simple link.

  • Should I have a traditional gift registry and down payment registry?

    We recommend you decide on your top priority and focus your guests attention on that gift registry. If you create a traditional gift registry and a registry, the gift registry might dilute your efforts to raise funds for your dream house. By telling your friends and family that your are interested in a house and less so the gift and travel option, you maximize the chances of buying a house.

    Remember, with the funds are yours to spend. If you decide to use a portion of the funds on house hold items or to pay for honeymoon expenses, you are free to do that! We don’t hold or escrow the funds until the house purchase.

    In our experience, family will often gift higher amounts if they see it going to an investment in a house vs. material “stuff.”

  • How soon after we get engaged should we start the down payment registry?

    Right away. The sooner your start thinking about buying a house, the easier it is. Although most donations to the gift registry will occur at the end, right before or after the wedding date, by starting the registry well in advance, you start thinking about your combined income and credit scores.
    We have seen couples move ahead with a home purchase before the wedding. They did this entirely on their own or with a larger down payment gift from family that came once they introduced with goal with the down payment registry!!

  • What type of security and encryption do you employ?

    We use 2048 bit transport layer encryption, also known as SSL/TLS. Our partner Stripe’s security uses AES-256 encryption on sensitive data and is certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1.

  • What if nobody gifts me any money? Won’t I look silly?

    No you will not look silly, ‘cause if you not receive any gifts, you probably did not share the registry with friends, family and wedding guests. They never knew about it!

    Seriously, if the down payment gift registry fails to raise any funds, it is typically because the couple created a full, retail gift registry for “stuff” elsewhere or did not share the link.

    Some prefer to gift offline, and that is okay! Remember, your guests can pledge online and gift funds offline so it shows toward your goal for buying a house. Telling and showing guests and family about your page will let them know you are saving for a house. They may decide to bring a card with cash or check and leave it at the gift table at your wedding. You’ll simply deposit those funds alongside your down payment gift registry funds. (Make a record of cash gift received and save a copy of checks deposit as well. This also helps with thank you cards!)

  • How will I know how my registry is going?

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    We offer a complete dashboard to view Contributions and Pledges.